Who we are

Equipo is a UK based company born out of a passion for all things sport. All the Equipo team have either played, managed or co-ordinated various sporting teams and events, so we understand the challenges, stresses and strains of co-ordinating events. From phone calls, text messages and emails, to collecting payments and managing statistics, we wanted to create something that would make the whole process much simpler – hence the reason we are passionate about the creation our sports team management app and website – Equipo! We want to take the headaches of organising away and give you more of your time back to do the enjoyable parts of managing or participating in teams or clubs.

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Equipo lets you organise all your team or club’s activities at all levels simply and efficiently. Our app and website allows you to manage everything to do with your team in one place – from notifying team members of events or co-ordinating members availability, through to managing payments, statistics and much more.

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